The dream of Boca Grandi originated from
Boca Grandi is where water sports and catering mix so that you can experience beach life in its full glory. Do you want to learn kitesurfing, wave surfing or paddleboarding? Then you are in safe hands with our water sports pros, they have a passion for what they teach you and pass the torch with love.


Like Boca Grandi, our kitesurfing school is for everyone and all ages. With pride and pleasure we teach you kitesurfing. is a household name in the kitesurfing world and in addition to one of the best flat water kitesurfing locations in the Netherlands, the Zandmotor, we now have a Beachclub with all the facilities you could wish for! Our instructors are IKO certified and real professionals.

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Kitesurf bij Boca Grandi in Kijkduin


There’s nothing quite like surfing a wave for the first time. Teaching you to surf so you can catch that first wave is the best feeling for our surf pros. All surf instructors are ISA and lifeguard certified so that you can learn to surf safely at our spot in Kijkduin. Experience the unique fun of surfing while receiving guidance from people who have an eye for all your strengths and weaknesses.

our surf lessons are provided by SurfBlend


Of all the water sports in the world, SUPpen (Stand Up Paddle boarding) is one of the fastest growing. The cool thing about SUPping is that also sporty and less sporty, beginner and advanced, and also both young and old can experience the time of his life with it. SUP is guaranteed fun!

Boca Kids kite camp in kijkduin


Boca Grandi is a new Beach Club, but we have combined more than 40 years of experience in giving water sports lessons and camps. We have a great kitesurf camp which we organize together with and a surf camp which we organize together with SurfBlend.
Our instructors have undergone special training to teach kids to surf in a safe, but above all fun way. The week is traditionally concluded with a barbecue where the parents are also welcome.


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