The ideal beach club is located in the ideal location; Boca Grandi. This is where water sports and hospitality mingle so that guests can fully experience what the beach and sea has to offer.

Through hard work and the support of countless investors, Boca Grandi is now a reality. The journey has not come to an end, we are still constantly striving for perfection so that we can open people’s eyes to the beauty of beach life. Experience it for yourself and come by!

Boca Grandi strandtent kijkduin


Sustainability is central to Boca Grandi. We take into account various possibilities
with the sustainability of our environment. Think of the recycling of materials. It
replacing plastic with cardboard means. Various measures against food waste and
sustainable collaborations. For example, we consciously choose products and partners that pay attention to
have for sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Preferably
we therefore go for local suppliers to limit CO2 emissions.

Some examples of this are:
Our baker, Lekker Brood, works exclusively with organic raw materials and the board is
baked by employees with a distance to the labor market.
Our drinking water Boca Grandi Awa is wonderfully purified local dune water without polluting transport
or plastic packaging. With every bottle of Boca Grandi water you drink, you contribute to the The
Ocean Cleanup Project.
Our hot water showers are heated by the sun in our solar water heaters.